Basic HTML codes

You can use this basic HTML codes to edit your follow-up mail

Basic HTML codes Grundlegende HTML Codes Leon Bieber

By using the HTML format for your follow-up mail, you can customize the layout as much as you want.

In the following you can find the most important holders. For further commands please contact your marketing specialist.

  • Pictures: <img src="the picture has to be uploaded to a public server or taken from the internet">


  • Gab: <br>


  • Fat: <b>TEXT</b>


  • highlighted: <strong> hervorgehobener Text </strong>


  • italic: <i> Text </i>


  • underlined: <u> underlined text </u>


  • size : <span style="font-size: 25">Text</span>


  • Variable:


  • Define parts: <div> example Text </div>

For example: