Creation of the Follow-up e-mail in HTML format

snapADDY offers the possiblity to create Follow-up e-mails in HTML format. In this article you will learn how to do that and what you should consider.

You can add a so-called thank you email to your VisitReport. This mail can be created both in standard format and in HTML format.

The HTML mode gives you more options to customize your mail even further. For example, you can use photos and different fonts.


How to create a new follow-up email variant with HTML format


  1. Click "HTML mode" in order to switch to HTML.
  2. This Pop-up will occur:


Attention: If you have already added text or any other information to the variant, this will be deleted!


3.   Now you can edit your follow-up email. 


By using the HTML format for your follow-up mail, you can customize the layout as much as you want. If you want your email to refer to the recipient of the report (i. e. participant) you can make use of placeholders that personalize the content

The following placeholders are available:


      • {{salutation}}  - salutation

      • {{firstName}}  -  first name of the recipient

      • {{lastName}}  -  last name of the recipient

      • {{creator}} - full name of the sender

      • {{templateTitle}} - Eventtitle 

      • {{creatorFirstName}} - first name of the sender
      • {{creatorLastName}} - last name of the sender
      • {{creatorPhone}} - phone of the sender
      • {{creatorEmail}} - sender's email address
      • {{attachments}} - attachments


We don't recommend writing HTML code from scratch. Instead, it is suggested to write the code in a program you are familiar with and then copy paste it into the snapADDY HTML editor.  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager.