Exporting business cards from the BusinessCards app - which options are available?

After scanning a business cards, you have several options to export your contacts.

With the snapADDY BusinessCards, you can digitize your business cards fast and easy. You can save your new contacts directly on your smartphone, share it via an app or export it to Excel or to your CRM system.

The card scanner app can be used as either as a free version or in a paid subscription.

Which export options do I have in the free version of the app?

  1. Save to the phone contact book

  2. Sharing your business cards via a desired app on your phone

Which export options do I have in the paid version of the app?

Despite the two main options, to save or share your contacts on your phone, you can:

  1. Export to your CRM-System

  2. Export to your DataQuality app

  3. Export to Microsoft Excel

  4. Export to the DataQuality app of your assistance

  5. Export as vcf.

  6. Export to Outlook