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Grant event managers permission to invite reporters

Does an event manager for your organization need to invite reporters independently?

Event Managers now have the option to invite reporters, allowing them to independently invite latecomers to trade shows. This new feature enables event managers to assign the "Reporter" role to new users on an individual basis, facilitating smoother event management processes. You can assign the required permission to event managers on an individual basis.

How to grant permission

Event managers require explicit permission to be able to invite reporters. This can be assigned to individual users in the settings under "Users & licenses". To do this, edit a user with the "Event Manager" role and activate the corresponding option in the "Permissions" tab. 


Note: Permission can only be granted for Event Managers. It is not granted by default.



How can event managers invite more reporters?

👉Have a look at our FAQ about event managers can invite reporters.

Note: All administrators will receive an email notification with details of the new users as soon as they are invited by an event manager.