How can I create a variant for the Follow-up e-mail?

Send Follow-up e-mails from the trade fair quickly and easily with snapADDY without any additional mail provider and at no additional cost!

Prepare your specific email for each questionnaire in the backend.

You can make the thank-you mail dynamic for each contact by using placeholders for specific answers of your questionnaire. Likewise, your email can be created in different languages and can be provided with attachments

Before you start with the configuration of the e-mail, please make sure that you entered your SMTP credentials for your mail server in the organisation settings.
 → How to configure the email authentication for sending Follow-up-Mails (SMTP)? 

How can I configure the Follow-up e-mail variant for my questionnaire in the backend? 

  1. Please open your Event under VisitReportEdit Event

  2. Click on Follow-up emails on the right side