How can I operate the media library in the VisitReport app

You can add documents, images or videos to your media libary to show on your device or send to a visitor

The media library is available for the snapADDY VisitReport app with the version 2.1.1.

If you want to operate the media library from the app, please make sure that the media files are uploaded to your organisation.

Where can I upload the files to the media library?

After the files have been uploaded you can find them in the VisitReport app under the tab Media Library.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does the media library work offline?

  • Yes, the media library works also in the offline mode. Therefore you can decide which files should be downloaded and shown if you are using the offline mode.

2. Is there any limitation to the number of files that can be uploaded in the media library?

  • No, there are no strickt limitations in the number of files in the library. Please keep in mind that the files will be stored in the app in your device's local storage. It is not possible to store the files to an external storage.

3. Do you support a PowerPoint presentation in the media library?

  • No, we do not support PowerPoint presentation files in the library. These files can be opened only through the native app of PowerPoint.
    Tip: You can save your PowerPoint presentation as a .pdf-file and upload a pdf-file to the media library.

4. Can I share the files from the media library via my device?

  • Yes, you can share the files from the media library via the common apps on your device, as for e.g. Outlook.