How do I invite users?

Invite your users manually or all at once via Excel file

You can invite users to your organization in two ways: Manually or via pre-filled Excel file.




  1. Select "Manually".
  2. A modal opens in which you can enter the e-mail addresses and the first and last names of the users.
  3. You can complete the users with further information such as licenses and role.

002_invite manually

Do you want to invite your users by email address? Then you can do that by clicking on "pasting a list". Here you can separate the email addresses with a comma and add them. Optionally, you can add them afterwards.




  1. Select "Upload excel" and upload an Excel file.
  2. Assign the fields of your Excel file to the appropriate field of the modal. For this you will see a table. On the left, select the column of your table. On the right you see the profile field that will be filled by this. A preview shows you how the fields of your invited users look like. You can complete the users with further information like licenses and role.


Do you want to add users as guests? Then you can find more information in our FAQ.

Do you have individual profile fields? These are also displayed here and can be linked to the appropriate values in your Excel file.

For example, if users speak several languages and you want all options to be selected automatically, separate this information in the Excel sheet with a comma. 

In the example, it would look l ike this:



If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager.