How do I set up the assistance function for BusinessCards?

You can add an assistant in order to review your scanned contacs. This is very useful for salesmen with an inside sales team.

How do I set up the assistance function for BusinessCards? 

The assistance function can be used for sharing scanned business cards with a colleague. The scanned contact could be exported directly to the DataQuality account of the selected user.

  1. Open the following link:

  2. Choose the wanted e-mail address from the Assistance-Field and click on Save.

  3. Please close the app on your device and reopen it.

  4. You are all set! You can now send business cards from the snapADDY BusinessCards to the snapADDY DataQuality add-on of your assistance.

Tip: Every user can create a personal contact list for the assistance function. This helps the assistance to divide the received business cards from the rest of captured leads in snapADDY DataQuality.