How to configure DataQuality Automation to use shared CRM connections for HubSpot

This enables DataQuality Automation to communicate with your CRM without every user being connected to HubSpot

Shared CRM connections for HubSpot use private apps to connect to your CRM.

Create a private app in HubSpot

Follow these instructions to create a new private app in HubSpot. 

The required scopes depend on your workflow configuration, but should include at least the following scopes. These are the scopes we request from snapADDY when a user connects to HubSpot within DataQuality Research:

  • crm.objects.companies.write
  • crm.objects.contacts.write
  • files

After creating the app, copy its access token; this will be required in the next step.

Configure DataQuality Automation to use the created private app access token

  1. Open the snapADDY Dashboard settings.
  2. Navigate to "Organization" -> "System integration".
  3. If HubSpot is not included in the list of configured CRM systems, click on "Add another CRM system" and select HubSpot.
  4. Enter the token for DataQuality Automation within the modal.

  5. Click on Save.
  6. Go to DataQuality Automation and open the "Workflows" area.
  7. Create a new workflow from the "Process incoming emails" template or edit an existing one.

  8. Click on the three dots and then on "Edit".
  9. Activate the "Use Shared CRM connection" checkbox.


That's it, now you're ready to go. You are now using your shared CRM connection when this workflow is executed based on an incoming email.


Falls Sie noch Fragen haben, kontaktieren Sie gerne unseren Support unter  oder Ihren Customer Success Manager.