How to get all Pipedrive user-IDs

... in four easy steps

If you want to automatically assign data captured in snapADDY (e.g. new activities) to a certain user, you will need to get their user ids from Pipedrive. This can be done with a very simple API call, directly in your browser. 

Step 1 - Get your Pipedrive API token

In order to get your pipedrive API token, 

  • click on your Pipedrive avatar in the top right-hand corner 
  • go to personal settings

  • Click on API, copy your API token and save it somewhere for later use

Step 2 - Use the Pipedrive API-url to GET all users

  • You can get the Pipedrive GET-users-url from the Pipedrive API documentation
  • The url in our example

Step 3 - Assemble url and API token

  • if your api token is 1234 and you have the correct GET-users url, you can simply concatenate the two parts with the query parameter ?api_token= 
  • The combined url in our example is

Step 4 - Retrieve all Pipedrive users

  • paste the url in your browser

  • if you format the resulting word-salat, you will easily get the user IDs for all users 
          "id": 5712367,

          "name": "Max Mustermann",