What is the snapADDY Helper and how can I install it?

In this article you will learn about the advantages of the snapADDY Helper and how to install it.

The snapADDY Helper is an extension for the Google Chrome and Edge browsers that helps you to establish the connection between the snapADDY Dashboard and your CRM system while using the existing web session.

With the help of snapADDY Helper you can utilize the full potential of snapADDY DataQuality and snapADDY VisitReport:

  • Export visit reports from the VisitReport dashboard to your CRM system
  • Contact person and extended company data search in DataQuality
  • CRM exports 
The snapADDY Helper also supports you in using snapADDY DataQuality directly in your CRM.

If you want to install the DataQuality interface as a browser extension instead, please use the snapADDY DataQuality extension.

The snapADDY Helper itself has no user interface and can only be used in combination with snapADDY DataQuality or snapADDY VisitReport. A one-time registration on our website is required to use both applications. You have the opportunity to test DataQuality and VisitReport for 14 days free of charge and without obligation before you decide to purchase a paid license.


This is how you can install the snapADDY Helper:

  1. Click here for Google Chrome: Install snapADDY Helper in Google Chrome and here for MS Edge : Install snapADDY Helper in MS Edge
  2.  Click on "Install"
  3. Click on "Add extension"

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact support@snapaddy.com or your Customer Success Manager.