How to integrate snapADDY DataQuality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (v. 9.1 or older)

In order to embed DataQuality in your CRM, we need to add a web resource to your CRM. The following guide will help you to create a web resource on your own.


Note: Since our internal Microsoft Dynamics 365 is only available in German, the screenshots can't be provided in English after a certain point. For a better orientation, I added the German name which you see in the picture after the English word, for example new (picture: neu). 

Create web resources

  1. Download the following zip file and unzip it somewhere on your PC.
  2. Open Advanced settings.

  3. Click on  Settings and select customizations.


  4. Click on Customize system (System anpassen).


  5. Select the Web resources entry (picture: Webressourcen) in the list on the left and click on New (picture: Neu).


  6. In the next pop-up, enter any name, a name and a description.

  7. Select "Website (HTML)" as the type (picture: Typ), set the language to English and upload the index.html file from the archive you downloaded earlier.

  8. Save (picture: Speichern) your changes.
  9. Publish (picture: Veröffentlichen) your changes.

  10. You should now be able to find the new web resource in the list of resources.

Adding the new web resource as a tab to the Dynamics sidebar

  1. Now select the Client extensions option (picture: Clienterweiterungen) in the list on the left and find the extension you want to edit (e.g. "Sales Hub"), select it and click Edit (picture: Bearbeiten).

  2. Add a new group and assign a title.


  3. Add a new sub-area (picture: Unterbereich)

  4. Select Web resource (picture: Webressource) as the type (picture: Typ)

  5. Select DataQuality or snapaddy_DataQuality as the URL (activate automatic completion).

  6. Add a title.

  7. Save (picture: Speichern) your changes.

  8. Publish (picture: Veröffentlichen) your changes.

End result

You should now see the DataQuality group/tab in the Microsoft Dynamics sidebar.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager.