How to send a follow-up e-mail

With the snapADDY follow-up mail feature you can send a follow up e-mails to the recipients from the visitor reports. You can send a follow-up email during the export via the VisitReport app or right from the snapADDY dashboard.

Send an e-mail during the export from the VisitReport app

To use the direct export via the app, please make sure that you have activated the delivery of the follow-up e-mail in the app.

This could be optional or mandatory for all the users in you organisation.

  1. Please open the Settings of the desired follow-up e-mail template in your VisitReport configurator.

  2. Choose one of the options shown bellow.

If you decide not to send the follow-up e-mail from the app, you can disable this functionality and send the follow-up e-mails after the reports has been exported in the snapADDY dashboard.


Send an e-mail from the snapADDY Dashboard

  1. Please open the Reports dashboard unter:

  2. Open your desired template, for which you have created a follow up e-mail template

  3. Select the recipients who need to receive an e-mail

  4. Press the Bulk Export button → Send follow-up mail


Please check the contact information before you send the follow-up e-mail and make sure that the e-mail address of the recipient is correct.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager.