I want to use a SSO method. Should I still create a snapADDY account?

In this article you will learn what you need to do if you want to register using the SSO method

You can use the SSO for Microsoft, Google, Apple or Salesforce CRM, without creating a snapADDY account.


If you are a snapADDY customer and want to invite the rest of your users to join your organization then you can deactivate the e-mail invitation and everything you need to do is to add the users in the user management. 

  1. Please open the Login-Options in the organization settings under: https://app.snapaddy.com/settings/login-options

  2. Check the boxes of the desired login options* via Single Sign-on.

  3. Click on Save login options
  4. Please uncheck the box Send invitation mail under: https://app.snapaddy.com/settings/onboarding-settings

  5. Click on Save.

  6. The users will not get any invite via e-mail and they can automatically use the SSO for Microsoft, Google, Apple or Salesforce CRM.

Allowed login options via SSO

  • Microsoft Single Sign-On

  • Google Single Sign-On

  • Apple Single Sign-On

  • Salesforce Single Sign-On

If you have more questions, feel free to contact our support under support@snapaddy.com  or your Customer Success Manager