Known solutions for Salesforce

Error Message: You're creating a duplicate record. We recommend you use an existing record instead.
Error Message: Use one of this records?

  • Solution: So you are trying to create an entry in Salesforce for which the Salesforce internal duplicate check found a duplicate. Depending on the settings, this duplicate may be in the Lead or Contact entity. In Salesforce, please check whether the contact already exists and, if necessary, update it instead of creating a new one.

Error Message: [{"name":"Error","message":"Required fields are missing: [XY]"}]

  • Solution: According to the error message, the [XY} field is a mandatory field in your Salesforce. Please check if any changes have been made in Salesforce recently and let us know if the mapping needs to be adjusted.

Error Message: [{"name":"Error","message":"The MailingStateCode field contains [XY]. This is not an available state.}] 

  • Solution: Please contact your administrator. He will be able to add the state for you.

Error Message: There is a problem with this country, even if it may look correct. Please select a value for country/region from the list of valid countries.

Error message: InvalidCrossReferenceID

  • That error means that the Salesforce Id used in a lookup or master-detail relationship field is not valid. Possible causes are: 
    • Wrong Object Type – The relationship field is being set to the Salesforce Id of the wrong object. For example, if field A is a lookup to the Account object, an opportunity Id can’t be used in this field.
    • Record Deleted – The record no longer exists. This can happen if someone deleted the record while a user or the system is inserting or updating records. It can also happen during a request when the record is initially inserted but then rolled back so the code still has a reference to the record with an id in memory but the record does not exist in the database.
    • Relationship Field Pointing To Wrong Object – This happens less frequently but is still a cause of this error. Sometimes, there are multiple objects in the system with the same name and a user chose the wrong object to have the lookup or master-detail point to. This happens because Salesforce will show the same object name without any further detail in the object list when defining the field so it’s not immediately clear which to choose.

Error message: ID Value of Incorrect Type

  • This means that an ID being sent to Salesforce is not the correct type that Salesforce is expecting.
    For example, some fields in Salesforce can only accept certain ID types (e.g., Contact ID, Account ID, etc.).  If you map a value for an ID of a different type, you will see this error. Additionally, if you are mapping an ID twice within your connector, you might see this error as well.

Error message: INVALID_FIELD No such column 'XYZ' on entity 'ABC'. 

  • Solution: The field is either not correctly implemented or does not exist in Salesforce. Please check back with your administrator or our mapping department.

Error message: bad value for restricted picklist field