How to notify users about their digital business cards

This FAQ explains how to notify users by email that their business card has been created. Learn how to add a personalised message to this notification.

Notify users 

To inform your users about their created or updated business card, you can send email notifications to selected users.  This feature ensures that users get informed about the business cards and about possible updates. Here are the steps to sent your user a notification email. 

  1. You can select and notify several users at the same time. To do this, select the users you wish to notify.  Then click on the "Notify" button.

  2. This opens the "Notify users modal.  In the modal you  have the option to include a custom message in the email. This allows you to add a personal touch or provide specific instructions related to their digital business cards. The emails will be sent based on the users' selected language.

  3. Users will recive a custom email including the custom message, a link to their personal digital business card and the opportunity to add the business card to their Apple or Google Wallet.