How can I restrict when users can create and edit meetings?

Set a specific time frame during which users will be able to create new and edit existing meetings.

To restrict the time frame during which users can create new meetings or edit existing ones, open the "Meetings: Access" section of your event.


Example: Let's say you have a trade fair starting on July 1, and you want your booth staff to be able to book meetings one month in advance. However, you don't want any changes to be made three days before the fair. In this case, set the start date of the booking time frame to June 1 and the end date to June 27.


Under the "Booking time frame" section, you can choose whether users are allowed to always book and edit meetings, or if you want to restrict this period (by setting the start and/or end date of the booking time frame).



Hint:  If you instead want to restrict the specific days and times when meetings can take place, please refer to the instructions in this article.