SugarCRM 8: Enable API interface for snapADDY

Guide to the API interface between SugarCRM 8 and snapADDY

Starting with SugarCRM version 8, external API interfaces, such as snapADDY, must be enabled in the SugarCRM settings before a connection can be established.

To use snapADDY with SugarCRM 8, you can enable the API interface used by snapADDY

👉🏽 Option 1

You can also generally disable the registration requirement, this will then also affect all other external applications that access the SugarCRM API

👉🏽 Option 2


Option 1 - Enable snapADDY interface (Administrator rights required):

  1. Click on your user icon and then on "Administration".

  2. Open "Configure API Platforms".

  3. In the input field under "API Platforms" enter "ext", confirm with "Add" and click on "Save".

  4. Now you can establish a connection via snapADDY DataQuality.


Option 2 - Disable need for enabling the interface (requires access to config_override.php)

Set the configuration variable disable_unknown_platforms in config_override.php to "false".

$sugar_config['disable_unknown_platforms'] = false;