The Lead Owner is not filled in correctly

How can I bypass a Lead Assignment Rule?

When you export a Lead from snapADDY to Salesforce and the Lead Owner is not filled out correctly, the reason usually is a Lead Assignment Rule. This is a setting in salesforce which assigns Leads you create from third party applications to a defined User or a Queue.

This can be prevented by adding an exception to this Lead Assignment Rule:

(Therefore you need administration permissions in Salesforce)

  1. Create a new custom field for "Lead". We need this to seperate contacts you import via snapADDY DataQuality from contacts you import from different third party applications. Choose "check box" as field type and click "Next". Type in a fieldname, f.e. "Created by snapADDY" and choose "Unchecked" as default value. Click "Next". In the field-level security settings activate the checkbox in the column "Visible" for all required user roles. In case of doubt you can check the whole column. Click "Next". Uncheck all checkboxes at the page layout choice. So the field will be unvisible for all users. Click "Save" and write down the field name of the field you just created. The field name ends with "__c".

  2. Call up your active Lead Assignment Rule and add a new rule entry. Fill in "1" in "Sort Order".Select the field you just created in "Field" and "equals" as "Operator". Click at the magnifier next to "Value", choose "True" and click "Insert selected".Now check the checkbox at "Do Not Reassign Owner" and click "Save".

  3. Send us an email to with the subject "Lead Assignment Rule". Write down the name of the field from Step 1 in there (pay attention to case sensitiv). After we added this field name to your CRM mapping, the Lead Assignment Rule won't be applied to contacts created by snapADDY anymore and the Lead Owner will be filled in correctly.