Canvas personal app - Error message while connection snapADDY to Salesforce

You tried to connect your snapADDY account to Salesforce for the first time and you received the following error message? 👇

You have authorized connected application 'snapADDY_Grabber' to act on your behalf within your organization. automatically configures personal-enabled Canvas applications for you. We attempted to configure the canvas application for: Username/Id: / 0*********7YL Organization Name/Id: Company Name / 00D***********G
The configuration was unsuccessful because the Canvas connected application was not a personal-enabled Canvas app. Please contact the author of the Canvas application to correct these errors.

No worry! Everything works fine and your connection has been successfully established. You can continue using the snapADDY tools and export to your CRM system.

Origin of the error message

If you want to know more about this error message, please follow the link to find a more detailed description → Canvas personal apps

Why does this error message pop up?

This error message pops up because of two reasons.

a) The user did not install the Managed Salesforce Package from the AppExchange prior to connecting DataQuality for the first time to their Salesforce instance

b) the administrator did not install the Canvas app