CRM System Integration (CRM Mapping) - what information is required for DataQuality?

This article will show you all the information we need to start the CRM Mapping

In order to start CRM mapping, the support needs certain information. For this purpose there is a template that you can fill in. Where exactly you can find it and what you need to fill in is explained below.  If you want to know what CRM mapping means and how simple as well as individual CRM mapping works, click on this article. There you will also find a clear graphic.
  1. Frist, download the field definitions
  2. Secondly, what we need to know is, which fields's answer should be sent to which corresponding field in your CRM system. For that purpose, there is a Excel template, that we kindly ask you to fill out. In this document, you will specify your requirements. You can also define to send contact information (e.g. first name) to a CRM field other than the standard-field.
  3. Contact our support at or your Customer Success Manager



    You can download the Excel-sheets here:


    Microsoft Dynamics

    SAP Sales Cloud






If you want to learn how to  individualize and customize your CRM mapping, check out this article.  There you will find examples of both simple and custom mapping, as well as a clear graphic.

If you have more questions, please contact  our support at or your Customer Success Manager