What Permissions do I need for the Outlook Integration?

These permissions are needed in Outlook (Microsoft 365) in order for snapADDY to save contacts

 View your basic profile

Based on your Outlook profile, snapADDY will identify you and load your individual user profile. This serves a smooth and secure login process.

 Read user email

The core function of snapADDY DataQuality is the recognition of contacts in the signatures of incoming e-mails. Therefore it is necessary to grant the software read access to your e-mails.

Our intelligent contact recognition algorithm automatically generates contact suggestions from e-mails without human intervention. No content of your e-mails is stored on our servers except for the contact data found.

 Full access to user contacts

For its core functionality snapADDY requires read and write access to your contacts. This is required to

      • Detect updates for existing contacts,
      • Ensure that no existing contacts are suggested; and
      • Automatically transfer contact suggestions to your address book.

No contacts are added or changed in your address book without your manual intervention (e.g. by accepting a contact suggestion). Likewise, no copies of contacts from your address book are stored on our servers.

Read all users' profiles

When showing new contact suggestions, snapADDY automatically tries to find a suitable profile pictures. One source for such images are the profiles of your colleagues in your organization. To access these images, snapADDY requires read permissions for the basic profiles of the users in your organization.

Profile information from your organization is of course only visible to you and will never be displayed outside your organization.