Email contact suggestions

The e-mail suggestion function allows you to receive contact suggestions based on incoming emails in your mailbox. To generate these suggestions, snapADDY analyzes the signatures of all incoming emails and displays the found contacts in the contact list of your DataQuality.

Please note that only plausible emails are converted into a contact suggestion to increase quality. Criteria for this are, for example, that the mail address in the signature matches the sender address.


If you are connected to one of the supported CRMs (currently: Microsoft Dynamics 365 (OAuth), SAP Sales Cloud (OAuth), Pipedrive and Salesforce), an additional duplicate check is performed with your CRM for each contact suggestion.

This leads to a higher quality of the contact suggestions.

How to activate contact suggestions from e-mails?

  1. Open the E-mail contact suggestions settings under your profile information in the snapADDY Dashboard

  2. Choose either IMAP or Microsoft Office 365, depending on your email account

Microsoft Office 365

  • Click on Connect

  • Consent to the required permissions

  • As soon as we find a plausible email signature in your inbox, you will receive a suggestion shortly after the corresponding email has arrived


  • IMAP allows you to connect to other mailboxes (e.g. Yahoo Mail)

  • Establish the connection by entering your access data, the IMAP server address and the corresponding port. You can obtain the necessary settings either from your email provider or from your local administrator

  • Click on Connect

  • Email accounts connected via IMAP are processed every 15 minutes

Gmail accounts require some additional security setup for IMAP connections to work:

1. Activate Two-Factor-Authentication:

2. Generate App Password for snapADDY email suggestions:

3. Use the freshly generated password for the IMAP settings in snapADDY DataQuality

Entities for duplicate checks

If you are using one of the supported CRM systems (Microsoft Dynamics 365 (OAuth), Pipedrive, and Salesforce), you can also select for which entities you want to receive a contact suggestion.

For example, if you only want to receive suggestions for the Account entity, snapADDY checks whether the signature of an incoming e-mail matches an account in your CRM. If such an Account exists, snapADDY checks whether the data in the signature differs from the data record in your CRM. If this is the case, you will receive a suggestion for a possible update. If a corresponding Account does not yet exist in your CRM, you will receive a suggestion to create it.

Technical Notes:

  • To receive contact suggestions, incoming emails must contain a plausible signature that matches the name of the sender

  • We never store or log any email bodies

  • To avoid suggesting the same contacts repeatedly we store irreversible hashed versions of declined suggestions

  • We store valid contact suggestions in snapADDY DataQuality until the user accepts or declines them