Explained: The snapADDY Duplicate Check for your CRM

The meaning of the traffic light symbol in DataQuality

The smart application snapADDY DataQuality uses artificial intelligence to detect phonetic similarities or commonalities of data records in your CRM.

Using a traffic light system, you can see whether a data record already exists in the CRM, update or add the corresponding data, or merge two data records together. In this way, you ensure that all data is up-to-date, complete, but not duplicated in your CRM.

The fields that are included in the default duplicate check can differ, depending on the CRM system you are using.

Generally speaking we support a duplicate check for the main entities in the common CRM systems such as Lead, Contact and Account.

Which fields are included in the default duplicate check?

  • Lead/Contact: first name, last name, email address

  • Account/Organisation: company name, website domain


Is it possible to adapt the duplicate check rules?

The integrated duplicate check can be individually adapted to your own search and evaluation criteria or user-defined entities. If you want to have a custom duplicate check for your CRM, please contact us at support@snapaddy.com or via your Customer Success Manager.