How to connect an outgoing mail server for sending follow up and notification mails (SMTP)?

Information on configuring the credentials for sending emails

Why should I connect my (outgoing) email server?

Some features of snapADDY VisitReport require you to define an outgoing email server for sending emails. This includes the automatic sending of so-called "notification emails" when exporting reports from the VisitReport app as well as sending follow-up emails to the captured leads.

Which mail servers are supported by snapADDY?

In principle, all mail servers that support the SMTP protocol can be used. We recommend the use of an SMTP relay server. These are offered by various external providers (e.g. SendGrid, Brevo, Mailchimp, etc.) for a small fee, are specialized for the use case at hand and support protocols such as SPF and DKIM. Often, such relay servers are already used in companies for sending newsletters or similar and can simply be re-used.

Where can I enter the login data for sending emails?

The required details for the SMTP configuration strongly depend on the mail server you are using. If necessary, please ask your system administrator for the credentials and the details for establishing the connection.

  1. Open the organization settings at

  2. Enter the SMTP credentials for your outgoing mail server:

  3. Please note the following remark regarding the sender address: Not every email address can be used as a sender address; this depends on the specific settings of the mail server. Please check with your administrator whether the user account you specified is allowed to send follow-up mails on behalf of the specified sender address.
  4. Click Save to complete the configuration. You can now send follow up and notification e-mails.
Important: To ensure seamless functionality please see our FAQ article regarding proxy configuration

Hint: If you want to use the notification email feature, please be aware that an additional mapping is required. Please contact us for this purpose at

Is the connection via SMTP secure?

The connection from snapADDY to your email server via SMTP is secured by modern encryption methods: snapADDY supports all industry standards for encrypted SMTP connections (SSL/TLS and STARTTLS) and the SMTP credentials you provide are in addition stored encrypted. Establishing a connection via SMTP is standard for all modern SMTP relay servers.

Proxy information

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager.