How to set up a blacklist for the e-mail suggestions

Key information regarding global blacklist settings and adding additional domains to your blacklist.

With the help of the blacklist you can add email addresses and domains from which you do not want your organization to receive contact suggestions.

snapADDY automatically blocks certain domains and email addresses. This is something we are always updating and improving. This runs completely in the background and cannot be edited by a user or admin.

  • General email addresses such as info@, office@ or newsletter addresses are automatically blocked from our parsing algorithm.
  • We also do not parse any emails that either do not contain signature data or could potentially be a spam/phishing email. 

We recommend adding particular email domains to your own editable blacklist as well.

  • Your own company domain to avoid internal emails being parsed.
  • Domains from suppliers, service providers or any other companies with which you are constantly communicating in order that DataQuality / Data Automation is not overrun with contact details that neither have to be updated nor added within your CRM. 
  1. Please open the Organisation settings → E-mail Blacklist

  2. Press the button Add e-mail/domain