I can't download the field definition in snapADDY DataQuality. What can I do?

The field definition from your CRM system can be downloaded in the system integration of snapADDY DataQuality

As a result of downloading the field definitions, you will receive the following file: 



If you try to download the field definitions, but you are not receiving any .json-file in your Downloads, please check the following notes.

Connect to your CRM

  1. Make sure that you are connected to the CRM system in snapADDY DataQuality. If not, please reestablish the connection to the CRM.
  2. Clear cache

  3. The field definitions can be downloaded only for the following CRM systems:

Salesforce (API connection)

If you are using Salesforce and you can not download the field definition, please check if the Webservices-API is enabled for your organisation. The Webservices-API in Salesforce is activated only for the Cloud editions Salesforce Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited (Full Edition Comparison Chart).

If you are already a Salesforce Enterprise or Lightning Unlimited user, please ask your Administrator if the Webservices-API is enabled for you and your organisation (FAQ).


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Please check the URL address of your CRM system in DataQuality.

We can establish a connection to your CRM system only via the external link. If you use an internal link, for e.g. https://crm-int.company_name.com, please delete the bold part -int and try again.

Sugar CRM

If you are using Sugar CRM with a version higher then 8, please enable the API interface for snapADDY in the Administration of the CRM (FAQ).


Sage CRM

If you have problems while connecting to the Sage CRM please check out the following articles:

SAP Sales Cloud

  • Nothing to note


  • Nothing to note


  • Nothing to note


  • Nothing to note