Known solutions for SAP Sales Cloud

Error Message: GeneralError 

  • Solution: It looks like there is some problem with the connection between snapADDY DataQuality and your CRM-System.
    Please navigate to the snapADDY DataQuality settings (gear wheel in the right upper corner of the application), scroll down to your CRM system and reconnect it to it. 

Error Message: Only the SAP interface user is allowed to change SAP fields.

  • Solution: You are not authorized to change/update existing objects. Check with your SAP administrator.

Error: InternalError 

  • Solution: This error occurs in connection with SAP-side workflows. Please contact your SAP administrator.

Error: Enter a participant with the role customer

  • Solution: When creating the lead, enter a 'CompanyName', i.e. the associated company.

Error: [XYZ] is not allowed for [ABC].

  • This field must not be overwritten as it is configured for read-only access. Please contact your SAP administrator.

Error: invalid value at offset

  • The entered value is invalid, e.g. too long, wrong format (date).