What is the purpose of the Custom profile fields?

Learn how and what you can use the custom profile fields for.

In addition to the default fields of a user profile, additional custom user profile fields can also be defined.

This custom profile fields are relevant only for the Team coordination feature for the VisitReport users.


Where can I define the custom profile fields?

The custom profile fields can be defined by the administrator of the organisation under https://app.snapaddy.com/settings/custom-profile-fields.


What is the purpose of the custom profile fields?

By adding the additional profile fields, the user can give answer to this questions in his user management and fulfill his account.

e.g.  What language the user speaks? For which products is he an expert for? etc.



Afterwards, these fields can be found in the Team coordination backend page and in the app.



If you have more questions, feel free to contact our support under support@snapaddy.com  or your Customer Success Manager.