CRM System Integration (CRM Mapping) - what information is required for VisitReport

This article will show you all the information we need to start the CRM Mapping


1.  VisitReport Master-Event

Without CRM-mapping, you can still export all contact data to your CRM system. All further information (e.g. answers to questions, notes, etc.) will be appended as text in the entity's note. 


To get your questions and automatic fields (e.g. campaign-ID) to the corresponding CRM-field, a system integration (mapping) is necessary. The first thing, we would need from you is to tell us, which event (questionnaire) you would like to have mapped. You can create a master event in your dashboard. This master event will also serve as blueprint, that can easily be duplicated for all following shows.


2. Field Definitions


3. Customer Specifications

Secondly, what we need to know is, which question's answer should be sent to which corresponding field in your CRM system. For that purpose, there is an Excel spreadsheet, that we kindly ask you to fill out. 

In this document, you will specify your requirements. You can also define to send contact information (e.g. first name) to a CRM field other than the standard-field. 

You can download the Excel-sheets here:


Microsoft Dynamics

SAP Sales Cloud







You can find examples of mapping individualizations here: