How do I export a form?

Learn how to export a form that you have created in an external marketing automation system

This article explains what you need to do in order to export a form and to make sure that the answers from your form match with the ones in the VisitReport questionaire. 


  1. Create a form in your target system.  Learn how to do that in our article about Pardot or Eloqua - depending on which one you are using. 
  2. Enter the forms target url into the snapADDY event settings.


Where can I find the External Field Names from snapADDY?

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ Here you can find the API names of the default snapADDY fields


The external field names are usually is case-sensitive. Please use the original format from the API names in the table. 

⚠️ campaignId is currently not supported, use a custom field instead

πŸ‘‰πŸ½The Question-Ids from the snapADDY questionnaire can be found in the VisitReport-Helper

How do I use the VistReport-Helper?

With the help of the VisitReport-Helper you can find the IDs of your questionnaires and questions in the VisitReport. 

  1. Please generate an API token in the snapADDY Dashboard
  2. Copy the API token and paste it in the Mapping-Helper 
  3. Click on Load Templates

  4. Once the questionnaires are loaded, you can copy the Mapping IDs from the questions you would like to map in your form handler

  5. VisitReport answers need to be mapped as answer_[question-mapping-id], eg: answer_eq87nYpQoZZz1GlW

Any custom field specified in the events exports settings will also be appended to the form export.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or your Customer Success Manager.