Using inventory data

You can upload inventory data of your customer and contacts to have an easy access during an event or trade fair.

By using inventory data you have access to existing contact and customer information whereever, whenever and without an existing internet connection.

What is the purpose of using the inventory data?

The inventory data can be used for different purposes.

  1. Uploading a list of your existing customers, while using the app on a trade fair.

  2. Uploading a list of the persons, who got an invitation and they will visit your trade fair booth.

  3. Uploading a list of your existing customers, while using the app in field services.

  4. Uploading a list of participants, who registered for an in-house event or exhibition.

What is the advantage of using the inventory data?

  1. You don't need to scan the business card of the contact person, who you already know.

  2. The inventory data works also in the offline mode of the app.

  3. The quick search of the inventory data helps you to find not only the person information, but also the company information.

  4. You can also add additional custom fields in the inventory data, which could help you to know even more information about the company ( e.g. company size, customer ID etc.).

How to update the inventory data in my Event?

In order to upload the inventory data in your VisitReport event, please follow the next steps.

  1. Open the desired event and press the button Edit.

  2. Open the inventory data on the left side.

  3. Press the button Import inventory data.

For a sample set of data and further explanations please download this excel sheet.


How many data entries can be uploaded in one event?

👉You can import maximum 150.000 data entries.