What is the difference between named licenses and device licenses (Terminal)?

With the new Visit Report Terminal, you can let multiple sales representatives access the same device and even have exterior personnel (e.g. hostess, consultant...) create and export reports.

Here are the main differences:

Visit Report 

(named licenses)

  • Named Licence for a person for the duration of the subscription period (e.g. one year*)

  • Definable roles for each individual licence (read more about roles)

  • User can log in with any of his devices (eg. Iphone, PC, Tablet, ...), but only with one device at the same time.

*If a person is no longer working for the company before the license expires, please contact us at support@snapaddy.com.  


Visit Report Terminal 

(device licences)

  • One Terminal Licence per device (e.g. Tablet, Smartphone,...) for the duration of the subscription period

  • With the Terminal Licence, you can only be logged in on one device at the same time

  • The device acts as a terminal where User with named licences and/or guests can be logged on

  • guest users can only assume the user role "Reporter" (more about roles)