Login problems - what to do?

So you're having trouble logging in to the snapADDY clients?

Here's a list of things you can try to solve your problem, or at the very least, find exactly where the problem might be.


  • Please double check your email and password. If you already entered your password wrong couple of times, or you forgot it:

    👉Please reset your password.

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Web View:

  • If your account has been deactivated because of multiple wrong password entries:

    👉 Please contact your administrator or our support team.

  • If the login via email and password is disabled for your organisation:

    👉Please use one of the enabled SSO methods: Microsoft SSO, Apple SSO, Google SSO or Salesforce SSO.

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Web View:

If you are not sure, which method can you use, please contact your administrator.

  • If you have any problems while login in via SAML:

    👉Please press the following link to temporarily disable the SSO.

    After that, you can log in with your snapADDY credentials (e-mail and password).